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A YEAR IN BLOOM - April and May flowers

I had a really full month in April with the Woman’s Club of Hollywood open house and two weddings to prep for so when it came down to making my monthly arrangement, I just didn’t have the time...But I didn't want to fall behind or miss a month, because I'm very committed to creating a floral arrangement for each month of the year - and using this project as a way to improve my designing skills and arranging speed.

When the time came to make an arrangement for a friend’s going away party, I decided I’d catch up on my missed April flowers at the same time. I purchased this blue vase specifically for the April arrangement but I didn't know which direction the flowers would take me in (that’s always the case, I never know what the final result will be...I just create) and it ended up being this weird and wonderful arrangement that’s half one thing and half another but totally beautiful and fun. I walked away feeling like “yeah, I’m GOOD at this!” sometimes you need a reminder and the universe answers the call.

My May arrangement is the one I gifted to my friend. Again, the vase is important - this vase felt very much "her," she loves the Southern cottage look and this vase felt perfect for her. For this arrangement, I kept the style more traditional but added an element of interest with some variety in height and a pop of color.

I hope you love these two as much as I do...same flowers but different vases and different arranging styles created two very distinct arrangements.

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