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A YEAR IN BLOOM - January flowers

I’m so excited to share my January floral arrangement because it turned out so much better than I expected!! Because it’s been a rainy and busy month, I didn’t get to go floral shopping until this weekend and even then I went to Wholefoods because the wholesale shops were already closed...which meant a very limited selection of flowers...but look at the end result!! I’m so in love with it, I’m hoping someone orders this for Valentine’s Day or their baby shower or wedding arrangements!! This arrangement is super elegant, soft and feminine and a great way to go from winter whites to the pinks and reds February has in store. I always buy flowers based on colors and color combinations and I knew the whites of the renanculas and freesias would work well with the soft pink roses, paired with a gold vase I already own I’d say this little beauty is a winner!

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