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(Have Your Cake and Jam Out Too!)

Brides and grooms, you place so much thought and consideration to every aspect of your wedding, how about the song that plays as you cut your wedding cake? Most people rely on the DJ to pick a sweet song for the moment but I believe selecting a special song to be played adds a great personal touch. Having selected my cake cutting song, I can tell you my heart was so full with happiness in that moment when I heard it play during our wedding.

Here are my top 10 songs to be played while you and your sweetie cut the cake. I hope they inspire you to select a special song to play during your sweet moment!

1. At My Most Beautiful - REM (our song)

2. The Sweetest Thing - U2

3. You're My Best Friend - Queen

4. Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles

5. Oh It is Love - Hello Goodbye

6. Hunny Bee - Blake Shelton

7. Starlight - Taylor Swift

8. Everything - Michael Buble

9. How Sweet It Is - James Taylor

10. Better Together - Jack Johnson

BONUS : Marry You - Bruno Mars, always a fun song to incorporate on your wedding day

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