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Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Before getting married, most brides and grooms have a weekend away with their best friends to celebrate their upcoming nuptials...usually in Vegas...but let’s not create a vision of mayhem when you associate it with the phrase “bachelor/bachelorette party” just yet! I have compiled a list of alternative options to bars and graphic straws, because the wedding process is not a one size fits all situation and the bachelor/ette party shouldn’t be either.

One of the best things I’ve seen is a video titled “Rambo Day” where a group of friends plan the ultimate bachelor party for a very lucky groom to be. They placed his likes and dislikes first and avoided the stereotypical stuff. So refreshing!

For my bachelorette party, my friends and I went to a fun cooking class followed by a musical theater show at night. This was what I wanted to do and I still think back fondly on that day as my friends and family got a chance to meet and bond.

COOKING CLASS- the guest of honor and their friends can whip up a delicious meal as a group, everyone making one item from the menu (this was our actual feast, soooooooooo yummy!)

AMUSEMENT PARK DAY - whether it’s a water park, carnival or roller coasters, there are thrills to be had for people of all ages!

A SHOW – Broadway, Cirque du Soleil , musical or magic...its a feast for your eyes and ears!

WEEKEND CAMPING TRIP - there's nothing like being one with nature with your favorite people

WINE OR WHISKEY TASTING - a drinking experience customized to your liquor of choice

ICE OR ROLLER SKATING PARTY - bringing back memories of your youth, just try not to fall

LASER TAG OR PAINTBALL - another fun memory from your youth! just be careful, paintball shots hurt...

TEAM BRIDE VS TEAM GROOM SOFTBALL GAME - gather up the entire bridal party, both sides of the family and play ball

THEMED PROM NIGHT - whether it's a 50s night, 80s night, or a throwback early 00s affair, it's sure to be a blast!

BBQ POOL PARTY - an inexpensive way to spend the day with your friends, family and enjoy some great food. A classic!

RACE CAR DRIVING - whether you go go-carting or to a large track, this will surely raise your adrenaline levels!

PAINTING PARTY - you can go to Color Me Mine and paint a set of china or have some wine and see what you create on canvas

BEACH OR LAKE PARTY - with an evening bonfire! A night you'll always remember!

Ultimately, the point of this shindig is to celebrate the bride and groom-to-be and should incorporate their idea of a fun night or weekend! Be creative and think of exciting ways to celebrate with everyone in attendance.

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