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FEATURED VENDOR - Flower and Sugar Events

So before it comes off as odd that I'm featuring my business on my own blog, let me explain... This is the first of many vendor features in 2019. I want to celebrate and highlight the hard work that goes in to planning a special event. I wanted to lay down the format to introduce ourselves in 2019, our goals for the year and what it means to me, personally, to be able to plan events and be a part of our clients' most special moments.

Business Name: Flower and Sugar Events

Services offered: We offer wedding and event planning, wedding and event coordinating (yes, there’s a difference lol – I have it noted on my packages page), wedding and event floral design, wedding and event budget management and allocation (basically, we help you plan a budget for each vendor based on priority and overall budget…If food’s really important, we focus on a great caterer. If décor is more important, we focus on florals, tableware, rentals, etc all while staying within budget for our clients)

Focus for 2019: Growing!! That’s always our focus but this year I really plan on making it my goal for the year. And that growth isn't reserved just for us, no. I will promote not only our business, but also that of preferred vendors – and vendors I’d like to work with, as well. I believe in growing together, building my resources, building my client list…

Favorite aspect of my career: Really getting to know my clients, building a trusting relationship where they feel confident in my abilities to manage their day…that’s very important to me… My favorite aspect of the weddings I coordinate would be the vows and speeches. I love hearing about the love between my couples, their family and friends. I often get choked up and I never take for granted being a witness to those relationships.

Signature style/product we’re known for: I’ll need to break this down to two parts. First being my coordinating style, I’ve been told many times I’m very easy to work with. I like to be professional but easy going and lighthearted. Whether it is with my couples, their family or other vendors, I like to check in, provide updates and allow for some room in the schedule for flexibility when needed.

Our floral style is probably more traditional and elegant. Gloria has been in the business for over 30 years so her signature style is rooted in perfecting her skill. I also make arrangements, but I always buy flowers based on color. I see what hues complement each other and go from there. Unless working off of a client’s vision, I never go in knowing what I’m going to buy – I love that element of the unknown.

Anything you’d like to add: Just that I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love, what I wanted to do for more than half my life. I pride myself on taking that big chance on realizing my dreams 10 years ago. I’m always optimistic and I hope to continue to celebrate love for decades to come!

photos by Peterson Design Photo from our Big Fake Wedding LA event!

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