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I LOVE pizza so when I got to coordinate a wedding where Urban Pie was the caterer, my belly was very happy!! They were great to work with, professional, on time, on top of the orders, but very relaxed - which is the ideal attitude in our industry. They come with their own wood-fired ovens, create really unique and delicious combinations and offer a pretty full menu. They're a great choice for a more relaxed wedding, a birthday party, an engagement party...or any special occasion, really.

In their own words:

Business Name: Urban Pie LLC & Hearth and Olive Services offered: Sourdough Pizza Catering / Mobile Woodfired Ovens / All in house fun appetizers / Salads / Hand Made and Extruded Pastas / Desserts / Liquid Nitrogen / Wood oven roasted Coffee The focus for 2019: Developing our Baking Skills with country loaves and baguettes as well as square pan and Detroit style pizzas Favorite aspect of your career: Constantly Learning and growing while making people happy. Traveling this beautiful city of la and all of its communities.  Signature style/product you’re known for: 4 day naturally fermented Wood Fired Pizza using 5 different local grains Anything you’d like to add: We also make our Mozzarella, Scamortza, Ricotta, Smoked Ricotta, Buratta, bacon, pancetta, sausage, dry aged beef meatballs, Chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks and breads, ALL IN HOUSE. 

(check out their yummy photos!!)

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