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The Right Dress!

Dress: Aire Barcelona Dress shop: Lee Hwa Wedding

Hair/Makeup: Glamourax

Photo: LA Digital Photo

Bouquet: Flower and Sugar Events

The most exciting time in a bride-to-be's life, besides knowing you're about to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate of course, is wedding dress shopping!! You get to try on beautiful dresses which help you visualize and stylize your dream day annnnnnnd you get to take your dearest family and friends with you on this special hunt. It's really great times!!

If you’re like me, you waited until you were engaged to try on a wedding dress (I’m very superstitious that way). That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a whole bunch of pictures pinned and saved of what I thought my dream dress would look like.. I had this vision of lace and romance but when it came down to trying on dresses, none of those gowns gave me the chills like I had expected. There were two factors that led me to straying from my originally envisioned gown type. One was an obvious, I didn't like the fit on my body. If I didn't feel comfortable in the trial dress, I wouldn't feel comfortable on my wedding day and no amount of "on trend" gown would get me to dismiss my comfort. Secondly, I felt like I tried on the same dress over and over and over again after a certain point.

There were two gowns that made the "finalist" round. Both were beautiful and princessy and great but neither gave me the TEARS I was looking for. When I tried on my wedding dress at Lee Hwa, my mom and I both instantly knew that this dress was the dress we were waiting for. I got the tears and goosebumps the moment she put on the veil, it was so worth the wait (plus it had pockets to hold my vows!!)

With that I offer you this piece of advice when bridal gown shopping, please try on as many dresses as you need to, in as many silhouettes as you need to, until you find the one that makes you FEEL. Go in with a budget in mind and look at dresses you can afford but also keep an open mind. If the perfect dress is $500 more, it's worth the splurge.

Here is a wedding dress silhouette guide by Idojour that will come in handy when starting your wedding dress shopping. You know your body, you know what style suites you best so stay close to that but also try a style in each shape because you just never know… happy shopping!

Two Finalists: Dress: Allure Bridals

Dress: Maggie Sottero

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