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Enjoy Valentine's Day On A Budget!

Whether you’re going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or Palentine’s Day, it is a day to spend with the person/people you love… But going out for dinner on February 14th means spending more money than usual on your usual. I have a couple of alternatives for enjoying a lovely evening for $50 and under!

1. Wine, Cheese & Movie Night

Get a few bottles of nice wine from Trader Joe’s or BevMo (5 cent wine sale!) and some cheese, fruit, crackers (optional: and deli meats) and pop in a great romantic comedy for a time well spent!

2. Dinner Party Night Whether it’s just you and your hunny or you and your friends, print up a few recipes and cook together… it will be a fun experience and you’ll get to enjoy delicious food that will cost less than going to a restaurant.

3. Sunset Picnic At The Beach Pack a picnic basket with a couple of sandwiches, chips, fruit, cheese and drinks for a beautiful sunset at the beach (the weather in Los Angeles is perfect for a beach date right now!)

4. Cheat Day Dinner While everyone else is waiting for a table at some fancy restaurant, you and your person(s) can do a “cheat day” dinner. Stop by In N Out for a delicious cheeseburger or double double followed by some ice cream or frozen yogurt for dessert… yum!!

5. Ballroom, Latin or Hip Hop Dance Lesson This may require a reservation but you can take a fun (and sure to be funny!) dance lesson with your sweetie or pals and have yourself a delightful time!

Go out there and enjoy this holiday about love, be silly and most importantly HAVE FUN!!

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